Eating Disorders

Without a foundation of self awareness and self love, nothing you do, buy, think, or eat, will fill you up enough.

Food and weight preoccupation are common in our society. When the thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to managing food and weight begin to interfere with our everyday activities, and lead to missed opportunities, then our personal, school, and professional lives can be drastically affected. Food and weight preoccupation can also lead to severe physical and emotional problems including eating disorders.

The first step in the recovery process is realizing that our food and weight-related behaviours are hurting us, rather than helping us. Once that realization has been made, there are many ways in which help can be found or offered to those suffering from an eating disorder.

The counsellors at the Student Resource Centre are available to the University Community for any issue, including eating disorders, body image, and weight preoccupation.